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Re: How to Handle ISPs Who Turn a Blind Eye to Criminal Activity?

  • From: Joe Greco
  • Date: Fri Oct 12 14:58:39 2007

> And without knowing the full story, its sometimes difficult to figure
> out what is reallying happening:
> <>

There are also other problems.

Judging what's actually criminal and what isn't is something best left to
the legal system.  Consider the following, inadvertently stumbled across,
by a mail server admin:

User A sends User B, a friend, an e-mail message.  The e-mail states,
"We're going to teach Tom a lesson, we're going to ambush him behind
Dick's gas station, Harry's bringing an AK47 and we're going to turn
him into hamburger."

Well, this seems fairly unambiguous.  Do you call the cops?  Or would
it turn out to be a bad thing when they discovered that this was just
some friends looking to gang up and frag another friend in an online
shooter game?

There can be a lot of ambiguity.  Just because something appears to be
a crime does not make it so.

... JG
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