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Re: wanted: offshore hosting

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Thu Oct 11 02:40:51 2007

That depends on your legislation:

There are a lot of things forbidden in the US but allowed in Europe
as well as a lot of things allowed in the US but prohibited in Europe.

Then there are a lot of misunderstangs like accidently or colaterally
censoring. I remeber a physicist beeing banned in germany who could
have saved lives and who could have prevented a lot of people from
beeing put into lunatic asylums.

Or maybe he is simply afraid of google. After all you can be sent to
prison if your judge does not know how google works but your enemy does.

A relatively good place seems to be Québec
 - they dont know english ...
A really good place seems to be The Netherlands
 - they dont even know they dont know english.

They both are save havens as long as your activity as not criminal.

Another good place seems to be Burma. Not even google can look
inside there. Sorry that is a bad one.

Even France can be a save place. E.g. I had to leave germany wirh

because IASON is considered a terrorist tool in germany. The
interesting law in germany is "StGB 202c".

Kind regards
Peter and Karin

Hex Star wrote:

On 10/9/07, *[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>* < [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:

Hello all.

    Last time I asked for a hosting place, I ended up going with
    LayeredTech, but I can give you a list of options if you like.

    So, I'd like to rent a box somewhere outside of the US, for geographic
    redundancy and other reasons.

    Must be dedicated hosting, relatively cheap bandwidth, lots of space
    (500GB?), allow us to run Debian Linux, take US credit cards.  No tech
    support other than rebooting the box needed.

    I'd prefer if they spoke English, but weren't in the UK or US.  I
    could deal with it if they only spoke Spanish.  A reputable Brazilian
    shop would be nice, but I'm pretty open to any suggestions.

    Does anyone have good experience with any outfits that match this

Are you seeking this for legal intentions or...? As I doubt this list condones the seeking of hosting for illegal purposes....

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