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Re: Why do some ISP's have bandwidth quotas?

  • From: Mikael Abrahamsson
  • Date: Wed Oct 10 17:26:24 2007

On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Joe Greco wrote:

One of the biggest challenges for the Internet has got to be the steadily
increasing storage market, combined with the continued development of
small, portable processors for every application, meaning that there's
been an explosion of computing devices.

The one thing that scares me the most is that I have discovered people around me that use their bittorrent clients with rss feeds from bittorrent sites to download "everything" (basically, or at least a category) and then just delete what they don't want. Because they're paying for flat rate there is little incentive in trying to save on bandwidth.

If this spreads, be afraid, be very afraid. I can't think of anything more bandwidth intensive than video, no software updates downloads in the world can compete with people automatically downloading DVDRs or xvids of tv shows and movies, and then throwing it away because they were too lazy to set up proper filtering in the first place.

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