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Re: Why do some ISP's have bandwidth quotas?

  • From: Martin Barry
  • Date: Mon Oct 08 19:58:34 2007

$quoted_author = "Joe Greco" ;
> > >That's approximately correct.  The true answer to the thought experiment
> > >is "address those problems, don't continue to blindly pay those costs and
> > >complain about how unique your problems are."  Because the problems are
> > >neither unique nor new - merely ingrained.  People have solved them
> > >before.
> > 
> > "Address those problems" sounds quite a bit like an old Sam Kinnison 
> > routine, paraphrased as "move to where the broadband is! You live in 
> > a %*^&* expensive place." Sorry, but your statement comes across as 
> > arrogant, at least to me.
> It's arrogant to fix brokenness?  Because I'm certainly there.  In my
> experience, if you don't bother to address problems, they're very likely
> to remain, especially when money is involved on the opposite side.

it's arrogant to use throwaway lines like "address those problems" when the
reality is a complex political and corporate stoush over a former government
entity with a monopoly on the local loop.

AU should be at a stage where the next generation network (FTTx, for some
values of x hopefully approaching H) will be built by a new, neutral entity
owned by a consortium of telcos/ISPs with wholesale charges set on a cost
recovery basis.  if either political party realises how important this is
for AUs future and stares down telstra in their game of ACCC chicken, that
may even become a reality.  


You get 10 points for difficulty, 
but for execution you get minus three.

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