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Re: Why do some ISP's have bandwidth quotas?

  • From: Miquel van Smoorenburg
  • Date: Mon Oct 08 09:06:46 2007

In article <[email protected]>,
Andy Davidson  <[email protected]> wrote:
>On 8 Oct 2007, at 13:06, Roland Perry wrote:
>> Surely the incumbent doesn't impose a cost on the bandwidth along  
>> the local loop - the bottleneck (and cost per gigabyte) is the  
>> backhaul from their locally operated DSLAM to the ISP's own network.
>Yes, and it's 1,758,693 ($3.5m) PA for a 622Mbit BT Central, (so in  
>bandwidth terms, equates to $471/Mbit per month - if the central is  
>maxxed out).

Wow. The pricing of the local incumbent in .NL is public - you
can find everything on Here is a direct
link to the pdf with wholesale-prices:

I guess it's about 50-100 times cheaper, but OTOH, we only put
like ~3000 customers on an STM-4, so we need way more of them.