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Re: Geographic map of IPv6 availability

  • From: Stephen Wilcox
  • Date: Sat Oct 06 12:28:16 2007

On 6 Oct 2007, at 14:55, Joe Abley wrote:

On 6-Oct-2007, at 0829, Peter Dambier wrote:

The IPv6 is gone.

It's not unusual for the delegation NS set and the apex NS set to be different. This is not a phenomenon which is isolated to delegations from the root. The missing AAAA glue in the root zone seems more like just another example of this, rather than something insidiously IPv6-specific.

I'm not suggesting this state of affairs is good, but it's certainly not unusual.

But it highlights the lack of v6 support in the root...

OOI Do you know the status of v6 in the root and gtlds (delegations, glue and the root IPv6s themselves?)