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Re: Why do some ISP's have bandwidth quotas?

  • From: Joe Greco
  • Date: Fri Oct 05 14:48:00 2007

> On Fri, Oct 05, 2007, Joe Greco wrote:
> > > Technically the user can use the connection to it's maximum theoretical
> > > speed as much as they like, however, if an ISP has a quota set at
> > > 12G/month, it just means that the cost is passed along to them when they
> > > exceed it.
> > 
> > And that seems like a bit of the handwaving.  Where is it costing the ISP
> > more when the user exceeds 12G/month?
> No, its that they've run the numbers and found the users above 12G/month
> are using a significant fraction of their network capacity for whatever
> values of signficant and fraction you define.

Of course, that's obvious.  The point here is that if your business is so
fragile that you can only deliver each broadband customer a dialup modem's
worth of bandwidth, something's wrong with your business.

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