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Re: Creating demand for IPv6, and saving the planet

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Thu Oct 04 02:09:58 2007

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007, Mike Leber wrote:

> So you could write a download accelerator for your browser that checked
> IPv6 vs IPv4 connectivity and used whichever was faster.
> With only 3 percent of neworks running IPv6 this idea is a little early,
> still it would be a hilarious browser plug-in.  You could imagine it might
> even have a little "IPv6 accelerator" icon that shows up in your status
> bar when you've switched on the nitro.
> (hehehe, shaving off that extra few ms of latency, yo!)

The evil bastard in me wonders if developers may focus on speeding up IPv6
processing latency vs IPv4 for things like games on desktops, and let the
gamers drive the IPv6 adoption.

If you're evil you could envision silicon that did ipv4 vs ipv6 packet
identification (via ethertype for NICs?) and then "handle" ipv6 packets
with less latency.

Ok, thats enough humour for this afternoon.