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RE: Creating demand for IPv6

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Wed Oct 03 18:52:32 2007

> > It solves another problem as well, like "I cannot go v6 to 
> my servers 
> > because my load balancing and packet filtering black boxes 
> don't do it 
> > yet".

For this you need an ALG. This could be something like Squid on a box
with both v6 and v4 interfaces. Basically, we now have such fast servers
available with such high-speed networking, that anybody can build
whatever middle-box they need using Linux and BSD. Ten years or so ago
this was not nearly so easy to do which is why vendors stepped in with
their blackbox products. But today, the situation is different. If the
vendors are lagging behind, cut them out of the equation. Eventually new
vendors will step up to the plate and you may decide to replace your
home-built boxes with something commercial at around the time IPv6
traffic growth goes exponential.

Or maybe you will follow Google's example and stick with the commodity
hardware and tweak your software package into a well-opiled machine.

> In order to make use of 6to4, surely servers and load 
> balancers still need to support IPv6 -- they just get loaded 
> with addresses covered by a 6to4 prefix rather than a prefix 
> assigned by an RIR or an IPv6 transit provider.

IPv6 transition has a lot more wrinkles than just choosing which one of
the IETF transition mechanisms is your favorite.

--Michael Dillon