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Re: ISP support for Email (was Re: DDoS Question)

  • From: Sam Hayes Merritt, III
  • Date: Wed Oct 03 14:30:42 2007

Why should ISPs still pay to support subscriber e-mail either inhouse
or outsourced, any more than paying to support USENET, Chat, FTP/HTTP Hosting, etc? Let subscribers choose whichever "free" or "fee-based" supplier, and wash your hands of both the support issues and the legal compliance issues.

For better or worse, whatever hoops you can make a customer have to jump through to leave may keep them your customer 'by force'. Its hard to change your email address and notify everyone on your address book and the sites you may have used it to sign up with. It may not be right, but it does seem to work.

Also, having your domain on that customers email address is low cost advertising.