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why this is a real mess and v6 may fail (was marketing bs Re: Creating demand for IPv6)

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Wed Oct 03 00:46:25 2007

>>> During early phase of free pool exhaustion, when you can't deliver
>>> more IPv4 addresses to your customers you lose the customer to a
>>> hosting provider who still has addresses left. So sorry. Those will be
>>> some nasty years. Unless you're Cogent, Level3 or one of the others
>>> sitting pretty on a /8. They'll be in phat city.
>> this is a very real and significant problem.  a very small fraction of
>> the arin membership holds the vast majority of the address space.  it
>> would be interesting to ask arin to give us the cdf of this.
> It would be nice if it was that simple. Those /8's arise from legacy
> assignments that fall more or less directly under IANA without any
> form of agreement in place that could allow policy change. Barring
> government action, they're effectively the unrecoverable property of
> those organizations. They can even act as mini-registries and auction
> addresses off to the highest bidder if they're so inclined.\

and this prevents producing a cdf exactly how?