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Re: Creating demand for IPv6

  • From: David Conrad
  • Date: Tue Oct 02 22:33:24 2007


On Oct 2, 2007, at 3:52 PM, Mark Smith wrote:
As far as I can tell, IPv6 is at least theoretically capable of
offering exactly two things that IPv4 does not offer and can't easily
be made to offer:

1. More addresses.
2. Provider independent addresses

At the customer level, #1 has been thoroughly mitigated by NAT,
eliminating demand. Indeed, the lack of IPv6 NAT creates a negative
demand: folks used to NAT don't want to give it up.

Those people don't know any better, because they probably haven't used a NAT free Internet.

It isn't that simple. The fact that NAT exists and is seen as useful by many people (whether or not they are even aware of it) means services and applications need to be aware of it. You cannot simply wave a magic wand and say "there shall be no NAT". Even if there weren't NAT, folks interested in security would argue and/or insist on stateful firewalls.

Have you used a NAT free Internet?

Yes, actually.

So if more addresses was "thoroughly mitigated by NAT", when were these problems that NAT creates fixed?

It would seem the market has determined that the issues Keith had concerns with were less important than the advantages NAT provided. And Beta was better than VHS, but VHS won. I will admit that at times it feels a bit like we're trying to push Super Beta.