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Re: Creating demand for IPv6

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Tue Oct 02 14:07:52 2007

Thus spake "William Herrin" <[email protected]>
As far as I can tell, IPv6 is at least theoretically capable of
offering exactly two things that IPv4 does not offer and can't easily
be made to offer:

1. More addresses.
2. Provider independent addresses

At the customer level, #1 has been thoroughly mitigated by NAT,
eliminating demand. Indeed, the lack of IPv6 NAT creates a
negative demand: folks used to NAT don't want to give it up.

This community (network operators) has refused to permit #2,
even to the extent that its present in IPv4, eliminating that source
of demand as well.

If you feel ARIN has not solved the PIv6 issue sufficiently well, please take that argument to PPML. As of today, if you qualify for PIv4 space, you qualify for PIv6 space automatically -- and you only have to pay the fees for one of them.

If you're claiming that you have a PIv6 block and ISPs won't route it, please publicly shame the offending parties here so the rest of us will know not to give them our money.


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