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RE: Creating demand for IPv6

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Tue Oct 02 09:26:17 2007

> like 'got IPv6' or "I've got ultra high tech IPv6 for my 
> internet and you don't" with a web url like 
> (oops, some domain squatter already registered it). could put that on the main page if enough people
demand it.

> 	For the most part the ISP and provider community is not 
> going to put resources into IPv6 unless there is a market 
> demand for IPv6.

And unless there are IPv6-knowledgeable people to hire, or already on

Someday IPv6 will be a routine part of training and education programs
like CCIE. But right now it would be nice if more people would submit
info for the page.
Right now it points to several ways of building a home IPv6 lab network
using virtual machines, a couple of papers/presentations, one free book
and some other miscellanous bits.

Any other ISP-oriented material on IPv6 and its deployment would be

--Michael Dillon