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Re: Route table growth and hardware to the filter

  • From: Jon Lewis
  • Date: Sat Sep 22 09:44:52 2007

On Sat, 22 Sep 2007, Pekka Savola wrote:

Our perceptions differ -- you seem to think that the having full, unfiltered BGP feed protects from these problems. That's not the case. E.g., in the TeliaSonera routing problem I sent on the m-l on Sep 6, all prefixes were received fine through TSIC, but certain traffic ended up being dropped for the duration of about 9 hours.

Has everyone forgotten the "Tier 1 depeerings" of several years ago? i.e. If you were pointing default at C&W, PSINet, Cogent, or Level3 when they each had or caused depeering issues, parts of the internet ceased to be reachable. In such cases, having full routes from multiple providers was the only way to be automatically protected from such games.

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