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Re: dotted AS numbers in asn.txt

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Wed Sep 19 16:13:47 2007

[[email protected] dropped from cc list, to avoid a potential flurry of pointless new tickets.]

On 19-Sep-2007, at 1417, Andreas Ott wrote:

since when does contain dotted
AS numbers?

Good question, for the reason you noted below (breaking scripts). If I was to guess I'd say it happened shortly after ARIN assigned their first 32-bit AS number.

Where is the new formatting documented, asn.h ? representation-04.txt contains pertinent words, but I imagine it's not strictly accurate to call that documentation for ARIN's presentation format decisions (although maybe it is, to all intents and purposes, since I seem to think that George's draft mainly seeks to document practice that the RIRs have already agreed on, between themselves).

It just broke a scriptology we use to generate AS lookups for 'offline'
customers (please don't ask :) ).