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Re: Criminals, The Network, and You [Was: Something Else]

  • From: Stephen Satchell
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 11:58:34 2007

My mail servers return 5xx on NXDOMAIN. If my little shop can spend not too much money for three-9s reliability in the DNS servers, other shops can as well. When I first deployed the system, the overwhelming majority of the rejects were from otherwise known spam locations (looking at Spamhaus, Spamcop, and a couple of other well-known DNSBLs). The number of false positives were so small that whitelisting was easy and simple to maintain.

If a shop is not multihomed, they can contract with one or more DNS hosts to provide high-availability DNS, particularly for their zones.

It's not hard. Nor expensive.

Paul Ferguson wrote:
Re-sending due to Merit's minor outage.

- ferg

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- -- Robert Blayzor <[email protected]> wrote:

The fact that they're rejecting on a 5xx error based on no DNS PTR is a=

bit harsh. While I'm all for requiring all hosts to have valid PTR records, there are times when transient or problem servers can cause a DNS lookup failure or miss, etc. If anything they should be returning a=

4xx to have the remote host"try again later".

Oh, wait till you realize that some of the HTTP returns are bogus
altogether -- and actually still serve malware.

It's pretty rampant right now. :-/

- - ferg

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