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Good Stuff [was] Re: shameful-cabling gallery of infamy - does anybody know where it went?

  • From: Scott Weeks
  • Date: Tue Sep 11 15:08:02 2007

[email protected] wrote:
Scott Weeks wrote:
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> Note that telcos are not immune to shoddy cabling/installation work.
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> Do that at the telco in Hawaii and you won't be working here very long.  ;-)  The installation work and wiring here is something to swoon over.

One of the stranger things a field tech of ours encountered wasn't necessarily bad wiring (although it's not great), but the fact that the demarc was located next to the toilet in the bathroom. Naturally, the constant humidity caused bad corrosion problems and other issues with their telco services. :) So as a general rule of thumb, avoid putting your telco and/or network gear next to the crapper or the services the equipment is meant to provide might also stink.

It was brought to my attention that some of the folks here may not have ever seen good wiring, so I snapped a few photos of good wiring here and wrote a quickie web page for the photos.  I couldn't get pictures of Ethernet wiring, but it's the same.  Except the last photo, it's all wax string done very neatly.  This is the goal.  ;-)