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Re: Route table growth and hardware to the filter

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Mon Sep 10 12:12:05 2007

Thus spake "Forrest" <[email protected]>
With the option of filtering on the RIR minimums, I'm not terribly
worried about breaking connectivity to the people announcing all
/24s instead of their /19.  Broken connectivity for them is probably
the only way they will ever look at cleaning up their announcements.
 The organizations that are hurt unnecessarily by filtering on the
RIR minimums are the ones multi-homing with smaller PA space

Sucks to be them. If they do not have enough PA space to meet the RIR minima, the community has decided they're not "worthy" of a slot in the DFZ by denying them PI space. OTOH, most providers are happy to give out as much PA space as you need, as long as you pay for it. If you only have a /25 today and you need a /24 for your PA route to be heard, call your upstream's sales droid and request a /24.

or announcing a few more specifics here and there for traffic

Such folks would lose the effects of their TE, if their TE routes are longer than RIR minima, but not connectivity in general. Also, TE is only useful a few AS hops away, so the filter being discussed could be combined with another solution being proposed to allow longer-than-RIR-minima routes with a short AS PATH.


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