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Re: Why do we use facilities with EPO's?

  • From: George William Herbert
  • Date: Thu Jul 26 17:04:22 2007

Barry wrote:
>I worked three years with the boston fire dept, albeit quite a few
>years ago, and rode into many fires and don't generally remember them
>being much concerned about hitting *anything* with a high-pressure
>stream of water if it's on fire.
>Remember all those rules you know about not using water on electrical
>or chemical fires? Doesn't really count if you have charged fire hoses
>and know what you're doing except in some special circumstances (they
>did foam things occasionally, very occasionally, foam costs money!)

Around here (Silli Valley) the firefighters I know are pretty aware
of the risks of electricity.  They say that some of them have been
fried by UPSes.

And hazmat; we have the large containers of WMD-grade-toxic silicon fab
gases being shipped around.

-george william herbert
[email protected]