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Re: An Internet IPv6 Transition Plan

  • From: John Curran
  • Date: Thu Jul 26 13:29:55 2007

At 2:01 PM +0100 7/26/07, Stephen Wilcox wrote:
>well, the empirical data which is confirmed here is saying that those 10% are burning most of the v4 addresses and we are not seeing them rollout v6 whether they 'need to' or not

Wow...  you mean that they're not announcing general IPv6
availability two years before they have to?  I'm so surprised.  ;-)

>so you sound right in theory, but in practice your data doesnt show that is occuring and it also suggests those 10% are actively supporting 'the wall' approach.

The number of major backbone operators looking into IPv6 is already
quite high, and will likely approach 100%.  The alternative is carriers
having to explain to the analyst community that they lack a business
plan for new data customer growth once large IPv4 blocks are no longer
generally available.