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Re: An Internet IPv6 Transition Plan

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Wed Jul 25 13:29:25 2007

Thus spake "Adrian Chadd" <[email protected]>
I'm not sure what your definition of "really tiny" is, but out here
IPs are a dollar or two each a year from APNIC. I'm sure ARIN's IP
charges aren't $0.00.

The 73 "Xtra Large" LIRs that consume 79% of ARIN's v4 space today are paying no more than USD 0.03 per IP per year. That's not quite zero, but it's close enough the effect is the same. Until the cost of v4 space to these folks is more than a rounding error, they have absolutely no incentive to conserve. It doesn't matter what the other 2550 LIRs do because they're insignificant factors in overall consumption.


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