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Re: Problems getting Cisco router and Motorola Nextlevel system to work together

  • From: Brian Raaen
  • Date: Wed Jul 25 08:35:10 2007

This router has a G-1 engine with 512 DRAM.  I would stop using IRB, but it 
appears that the way that motorola has implemented pvc's is very difficult to 
work around.  The Molorola middleware is dynamically assigning the pvc.  
Yes... I have personly seen a CPE device change their vci after a period of 
time.  The device did not change ports or anything else but was provisioned 
to a different vci after just sitting there.  Thanks for the suggestions so 

Brian Raaen
Network Engineer
[email protected]

On Tuesday 24 July 2007 16:25, you wrote:
> >   The router is currently configured to use IRB which is a 
> > hybrid process.  
> > The problems is that the IRB process is overloaded and is 
> > dropping traffic faster than it can process it. 
> Which NPE is in this router?
> Basically, the 7200 has underpowered CPUs and if you force it to process
> switch, then it handles a LOT LESS packets per second than you might
> think. I expect that your config is forcing process switching rather
> than fast switching.
> The only three solutions are
> A) run less traffic through the 7200 so that process switching can cope
> B) stop using the feature that forces process switching
> C) replace the 7200 with a 7300 which will probably not have CPU issues.
> However, not knowing the specifics of what IRB is doing, I would advise
> you to test a replacement platform before committing to it.
> Oh well, maybe 4 solutions. If you are using a weak NPE such as NPE-200
> you may be able to get some joy by upgrading to a more powerful one. For
> instance an NPE-400 should handle roughly twice the load of an NPE-200.
> --Michael Dillon