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Re: DNS Hijacking by Cox

  • From: Mattias Ahnberg
  • Date: Wed Jul 25 08:07:23 2007

Peter Dambier wrote:
The problem is, you dont know what is behind that probably NATted ip
address. Probably you have 3 unix machines running smtp and uucp
and a single infected windows box and maybe some VoIPs and ...

This is why I spoke of merely intercepting web traffic to inform, to not interrupt other services that may use the same link. I am in the same situation myself, sharing lots of stuff via the same fiber to my house. I even have TV through it.

So I actually thought of that.

And an ISP probably knows a bit more about their customer base
than what we do, so this idea would ofcourse have to adapt to
that. But as said, its a complicated matter and probably not a
good idea either way before we know who is supposed to do what
and for whom.