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Re: Carrier Recommendations

  • From: Timothy McKee
  • Date: Sat Jul 21 09:48:28 2007

If this is for redundancy, also keep in mind that most 'cuts' occur in the last mile.  Unless you are in a major facility with engineered entrance/egress diversity a failure will result in ALL terrestrial links failing.  This is a very string argument for a limited bandwidth satellite or EVDO backup link.  (Which one depends on many other factors.)

Tim McKee
VP, Network Services

On Jul 18, 2007, at 7:44 PM, [email protected] wrote:

Hi Daniel,

Could you provide a little more detail as to your requirements?  Bandwith, applications (voice, video, etc...) number of sites, that sort of thing. On the surface the first thing that comes to mind is redundancy.  You are going to have outages, especially if you have to go that far point to point.  The best thing would be to have a second circuit with another carrier on a diverse path.  The worst thing is when both the primary circuit and the backup were ordered through the same carrier and both go down during the came fiber cut.  Worse still is when they were ordered from two different carriers but carrier B actually bought bandwidth from carrier A resulting in the same outcome.

Daniel <[email protected]>
Sent by: [email protected]

07/16/2007 05:37 PM

[email protected]
Carrier Recommendations


I am currently in the process of evaluating carriers for future expansion into international regions, primarily Asia, Europe and South America.

I am comfortable with AT&T and Verizon however I would like to make sure I include all the major players and would like your direct feedback and commentary in regards to any of them.

These are the key areas I am concerned with.


I am looking at two deployment options as well if anyone would like to comment.

1) A single carrier for global connectivity to all sites (mpls etc)

2) A single carrier for global regional connectivity, and in country/regional carriers for all local offices that funnel back to regional aggregation points.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Daniel

Tim McKee