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Cisco 7200 series and G2 NPEs

  • From: Steven Haigh
  • Date: Sun Jul 15 23:28:21 2007

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is anyone willing to share any experiences they have had with Cisco 7200 series equipment (specifically relating to the G2 NPE) and any 12.4 based IOS.

We were initially advised by Cisco to run 12.4(4)-XD7, however upon introducing our first G2 into the network, the vpdn target routers had a ~20% CPU usage increase, while the G2 itself showed signs of incorrectly establishing tunnels. Changing back to a G1 NPE (same config) and everything works as expected.

Cisco has recommended that we move to a 12.2 SB IOS for the G2, however I'm wondering what other people are doing.

On another note, it seems as though it is not possible to recover a G2 from a rommon state with invalid bootloader images or corrupt bootflash:. There are no commands in the rommon to allow Xmodem uploads via the console, nor any networking functions. I also noticed that it seems to be impossible to load the bootloader from a CF card - even though you can list the contents of the CF card.

Does anyone have any recovery techniques that I'm not aware about in a real world failure scenario?

Steven Haigh

Email: [email protected]
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