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Re: peter lothberg's mother slashdotted

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Thu Jul 12 23:55:56 2007

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, micky coughes wrote:
I can see that *everybody* is missing the point on Peter's exercise.
Clearly this is to show to the telcos of the world that you can upgrade to a
native IP infrastructure and absorb the existing transport into the router
with a minimal effort.  There was a post here from someone that was there
that explained how simple it was.   This is HUGE!  This has the potential to
completely disrupt telco transport dinosaur groups *and* reshape the
future.  Taking it to his mom's house is just a poke in the telco eye, he is
making fun of them.  This then begs the question why can they do it between
their facilities?  If one guy can do it to a *house* it must not be that
hard.  However, telcos with transport groups of 1000s can't pull this off,
this little project states volumes.

Anyone can buy CRS-1 from Cisco. All you need is money.

Why are you waiting for the telco's to do something?

Japan is spending over USD $30 Billion to bring 100Mbps to the most (but
not all) of their country.  Verizon is spending about $23 Billion on FTTH
to reach 18 million homes. CableLabs is hoping DOCSIS 3.0 will bring 400+
Mbps to the home without needing to replace the coax plant with fiber to
the home.

All you need is money. That is left as an simple exercise for the reader.