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Re: peter lothberg's mother slashdotted

  • From: Jeff Kell
  • Date: Thu Jul 12 23:25:43 2007

Randy Bush wrote:
you're not going to find any 40GB capable CPE now or in the
foreseeable future that's going to be affordable for the residence.

i would agree if we had not once said that about a few meg per sec.

If we continue along orders of magnitude, sure it's foreseeable.

* 30 years ago, 300 baud was the bomb :-)
*              3000 baud was roughly 2400bps days
*             30000 baud gets us to ~28.8k
*            300000 baud was about 2 ISDN lines (2x128k)
*           3000000 baud is about typical cable these days (3m)

That puts us about another 4 orders of magnitude (3 if you count
FTTP/etc generally available enough to count 30m as "now") away from 30G
to CPE.

I'm sure there are more accurate timelines :-)