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Re: Yahoo outage summary

  • From: Tony Tauber
  • Date: Mon Jul 09 17:31:40 2007

On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 04:50:56PM -0400, Joe Abley wrote:

> SIDR is only of any widespread use if it is coupled with policy/ 
> procedures at the RIRs to provide certificates for resources that are  
> assigned/allocated. However, this seems like less of a hurdle than  
> you'd think when you look at how many RIR staff are involved in  
> working on it.

> So, if you consider some future world where there are suitably  
> machine-readable repositories of number resources (e.g. IRRs) are  
> combined with machine-verifiable certificates affirming a customer's  
> right to use them, how far out of the woods are we? Or are we going  
> to find out that the real problem is some fundamental unwillingness  
> to automate this stuff, or something else?

Going to a model with reasonable and well-defined policies and
procedures is a good thing.  However, it renders all the existing IRR
information suspect.  Even the RRs run by RIRs are worthless as they
stand.  For instance ARIN runs an RR but does no validation of what goes
in there today.

A reasonable approach might be to pick up with tools based on the new
SIDR work and leave the existing IRR info behind.