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Re: ICANN registrar supporting v6 glue?

  • From: Perry Lorier
  • Date: Fri Jun 29 21:57:14 2007

One note here is that even though you can get glue into com/net/org
using this method, there is no IPv6 glue for the root yet, as such even
if you manage to get the IPv6 glue in, it won't accomplish much (except
sending all IPv6 capable resolvers over IPv6 transport :) as all
resolvers will still require IPv4 to reach the root. One can of course
create their own root hint zone and force bind, or other dns server, to
not fetch the hints from the real root, but that doesn't help for the
rest of the planet. (Root alternatives like orsn could fix that up but
apparently their main german box that was doing IPv6 is out of the air)

Having AAAA glue in GTLD/ccTLD's will help resolvers that first query for AAAA glue before A glue for nameservers. If you don't have AAAA glue then it's going to be an extra RTT to look up the A record for your nameservers, which makes your webpages slower to load. And everyone wants their webpages to load faster.

The fact that the root name serers don't supply AAAA glue for GTLDs/ccTLDs is a minor annoyance, people should in general only go to the root name servers once a day per GTLD/ccTLD. There are 267 TLD's and you're unlikely to talk to them all in a given day, but almost every request your name server makes is going to start with a query to a GTLD or ccTLD server.