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Re: where the wizards stay up late

  • From: Mark Smith
  • Date: Wed Jun 27 05:33:09 2007

On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 23:16:43 -0500
"Travis H." <[email protected]> wrote:

> Not sure if this guy is still with us, but wanted to read "Confessions
> of a Hearing-Impaired Engineer", if anyone has a copy.

I think you're probably talking about Vint Cerf, and he's still quite live, and
now working for Google :

You might be able to email him to see if he wrote that paper (IIRC he
did) and may have a copy he can send you. A google search(!) should
probably produce a working email address. He may even lurk here.

> BTW, "Where Wizards Stay up Late" is an entertaining book about the
> origins of the ARPAnet.  It even has some of the first (hand-drawn,
> natch) network diagrams...
> Apparently, nuclear holocaust considerations did not really play much
> of a part in ARPAnet's genesis, despite folklore to the contrary.
> Withstand a nuclear war was not a design consideration (for most of
> the key players); any such properties were side effects of the real
> design considerations and decisions.

Agree, great book, I think it should be manditory reading for anybody
who's running any parts of Internet. I think it always is useful to
know why certain things are the way they are.



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