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Backhoes and restoration (was: TransAtlantic Cable Break)

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Fri Jun 22 17:23:24 2007

One backhoe hit took out the first half of the cable, but the digger
realized he goofed and stopped.  The fiber company then cut the
rest of the bundle to cleanly fix the cut... without warning anyone
who was running on their failover protected circuit that something
might be about to happen.

I've seen this too. Part of a cable is cut, but they need to cut everything in order to repair the part that's cut.

The good news is that the restoration crew is already on-site when you report the outage. Uhh.. the bad news, is well, that you are down.

We don't give credit in this forum, but backhoe/turbo-shark operators are getting smarter about things in the ground, imo. The national security and litigation/root-cause paperwork are almost as scary as gas mains nowadays.