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RE: Network Parameters on Subscriber side feelings

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Mon Jun 18 07:03:11 2007

>   is there any work or research on measuring method for  
> subscriber (customer)side feelings of network service? 
>   It seems that e2e ping delay, packet loss may miss some 
> important factor when we consider subscriber's feelings.

Although zero packet loss is a sign of very low jitter, you can't
generalize that if there is packet loss. Since jitter is important to
VoIP and some media streaming, you might want to measure that directly.
Of course, if your ping delay measurement is fine-grained enough, then
you can calculate the jitter based on the difference between the maximum
e2e ping delay and the minimum over a period of time.  It's better if
the period of time is short enough so that you can learn what your most
likely jitter vaues are, not just the worst case. 

--Michael Dillon