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Re: FBI tells the public to call their ISP for help

  • From: Scott Weeks
  • Date: Fri Jun 15 17:24:13 2007

-------- [email protected] wrote:--------------
On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 13:42:04 PDT, Scott Weeks said:

> No I've never heard of that except, possibly, from non-clued phone monkeys.  
> It's easy to get past them to more clued folks, though...

Maybe it's easy for you.  It's usually a bit harder for a Joe Sixpack who
has a Mac or Linux box, but doesn't have the industry connections we do.

If Joe Sixpack has a Mac, calls his ISP for help, is told the ISP only supports Micro$loth, asks for escalation and can't get that (or even doesn't ask for escalation) I would think Joe would move to another ISP.  Thus my earlier statement that the ISP which does this we-support-Micro$loth-only crazyness is doomed to failure.