North American Network Operators Group

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  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Jun 01 18:36:33 2007

[ i do not see mail from the respondent.  and this reminds me why ]

>>> we still need a operator to make a short summary preso extolling
>>> the virtues of ula central at the bof.
>> How exactly are the opinions of people who operate ISP networks about
>> address space that's never used on the internet relevant?
> 1) He never specified that the operator had to operate an _ISP_ network.

in the words of klaus wirth "i did not run out of ink."

> 2) Even ISP networks have infrastructure which they might not want routed
>    on the public Internet.

in fact, the intro speaker is a pro and a carrier.  but i don't want to
overload them.

i wonder what the O in nanOg stands for?