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Re: Could it be possible to extend PPPoE Error code?

  • From: Joe Maimon
  • Date: Tue Mar 27 14:25:22 2007

Joe Shen wrote:

error 691 is a ms chap extensions to ppp error code that means auth failed.

Its in response to the access-reject from the radius server most probably.

There really isnt any room here to do more.

client device. In my experience there are almost

no client devices that

actually display the "Reply-Message", but as

always YMMV.

It seems to me this would be something best reserved
for the radius server, not the end-user to track.

To my opion, if customer's PC could show the exact
reason for dial-up error, CSR could deal with customer
complaint easily.

No it would be a security vulnerability of type information disclosure.

It would also be impossible to have it fit everyones needs.

For easy CSR, have them punch the customer ID into a system linked to the authentication servers logs.

You can never base your troubleshooting on what the customer tells you, anyways.

As most of customer use microsoft windowsxx, could it
be possible to display "replay-message" on it? or if we develop a standalone PPPoE software, could it
be possible to display it?

Havent heard of any such way. I dont think you actually want to develop such software, but if you do please reference winpoet and raspppoe.

You are much better off requiring customers to use residential dsl equipment, better yet, equipment YOU provision and sell them. Support requirements go way down afterwards.

Having them dial from their computers is not a great concept.


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