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Re: SaidCom disconnected by Level 3 (former Telcove property)

  • From: Jon Lewis
  • Date: Thu Mar 15 21:27:53 2007

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Frank Bulk wrote:

Is this a normal thing for Level 3 to do, cut off small, responsive

Even from that one-sided account, I have serious problems with:

 Siwert said the Colorado-based Level 3 "cited several Internet
 abuses" by SaidCom customers as the reason for the shutdown, including
 spam problems. "Some customers abuse the system", but when that
 happens, SaidCom contacts the authorities, said Siwert.

When we have a customer spamming, we don't call the police. We either talk to, ACL, or shut off the customer. The above suggests to me that SaidCom had spam issues that they were either unable or unwilling to remedy themselves.

I also doubt that L3 shut them off without multiple prior warnings, though anything's possible. We had an issue many years ago where a leased line provider (coincidentally borged indirectly into L3) shut off all of our services with no warning at all on a Friday evening. Only after wasting some time with their NOC troubleshooting the circuits were we told we'd been shut off for non-payment. When we eventually got to the bottom of it (many hours later), it turned out they had another customer with a similar name that was way past due...and when billing told their NOC shut off "Atlantic" they shut off everything that looked like "Atlantic" even though we were two totally separate and unrelated customers.

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