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Re: broadband routers security issues

  • From: Jeff Shultz
  • Date: Fri Feb 23 14:11:23 2007

This is why we specify our DSL modems configured as transparent bridged (routing optional) and when they go out the door they're already set up as inaccessible from the outside, even if the customer enables routing (I've seen one case in 5 years where the customer has done this without calling us for help first).

Of course, I've discovered that we're also a bit unusual in that we use RFC 1483 Bridged mode and static IPs instead of PPPoE and DHCP for all our DSL connections.

We wouldn't accept this sort of default open accessability from Linksys, D-link, Netgear, etc... - why should we accept it on our DSL/cable modems?

Gadi Evron wrote:
Hi guys. A guy named Sid recently wrote on securiteam (where I write
as well) on an accidental discovery he made on the security of his home
broadband router with its default settings.

Apparently, he started by discovering he had port 23 open (which was
telnet for the router rather than for him - we have all been there

Jeff Shultz