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Re: wifi for 600, alex

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Mon Feb 19 10:28:40 2007


as you might imagine, conceptually there is no disagreement whatsoever here ;-) And, in fact, that already exists on some platforms, but it's somewhat limited at the moment due to lack of support for standards body/bodies at this time. But I'm hopeful that we're closer to meaningful improvements. This is just as important for managing the available spectrum as it is for device power efficiency.

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On Feb 16, 2007, at 6:36 AM, Alexander Harrowell wrote:

Another mobile-land feature 802.11 could do with - dynamic TX power management. All the cellular systems have the ability to dial down the transmitter power the nearer to the BTS/Node B you get. This is not just good for batteries, but also good for radio, as s/n has diminishing returns to transmitter power. WLAN, though, shouts as loud next to the AP as on the other side of the street, which is Not Good for a system that operates in unlicensed spectrum.

UMTS, for example, has a peak tx wattage an order of magnitude greater than WLAN, but due to the power management, in a picocell environment comparable to a WLAN the mean tx wattage is less by a factor of 10.