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The Root of The Problem [Was: Re: botnets: web servers, end-systems an d Vint Cerf]

  • From: Fergie
  • Date: Fri Feb 16 00:49:51 2007

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Well, I'm going to add my $.02 here, too, and I don't care who
likes it or not. :-)

I know Vint, and I've known Vint for a long time.

He's a smart guy. And he's right.

Why is he right?

Because he got in front of the folks who actually _can_ manage
this problem, and that is the people (actually the NGOs) who
have the monetary and fiduciary duty to begin looking at problems
at the financial loss level.

If you think that these problems are going to solely resolved on
a technical basis, you're delusional.

Rock on, Vint.

- - ferg

- -- Gadi Evron <[email protected]> wrote:

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Peter Moody wrote:
> > I kept quiet on this for a while, but honestly, I appreciate Vint Cerf
> > mentioning this where he did, and raising awareness among people who
> > can potentially help us solve the problem of the Internet.
> >
> > Still, although I kept quiet for a while, us so-called "botnet
> > experts" gotta ask: where does he get his numbers? I would appreciate
> > some backing up to these or I'd be forced to call him up on his
> > statement. 
> >
> > My belief is that it is much worse. I am capable of proving only
> > somewhat worse. His numbers are still staggering so.. where why when
> > how what? (not necessarily in that order).
> >
> > So, data please Vint/Google.
> Dr. Cerf wasn't speaking for Google when he said this, so I'm not sure
> why  

Okay, thansk for clarifying that. :)

> you're looking that direction for answers.  But since you ask, his data
> came from informal conversations with A/V companies and folks actually in
> the  


> trenches of dealing with botnet ddos mitigation.  The numbers weren't
> taken  

Botnet trenches? Yes, I suppose the analogy to World War I is correct. I
should know, I was there (metaphorically speaking). My guess is, if we are
to follow this analogy, we are now just before the invention of the tank
now in 2007, but oh well.

> from any sort of scientific study, and they were in fact mis-quoted (he
> said more like 10%-20%).


<snip poison>

<snip more poison>

> (my opinions != my employer's, etc. etc.)

Many thanks,

> Cheers,
> .peter


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