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Re: wifi for 600, alex

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Thu Feb 15 22:07:48 2007

On Feb 15, 2007, at 4:22 PM, Anton Kapela wrote:
Anyway, I don't mean to stray too far off topic, but indeed there are
many 'good' things already designed (some decades ago) and understood
within the wireless community which would be well to appear in .11 at
some point. Hopefully my comment makes more sense now! :)

Yes, that is true. There are also mechanisms which have to be invented completely from scratch because the architectural model is different (decisions being made at the edge rather than an "omniscient" controller). Integration with other modes of mobile communication is one such example.

It's an interesting problem to have, but it also makes the standard very challenging as there is amendment after amendment with lots of old non-compliant devices around from before the time when a feature was invented.


in WiFi is of limited availability in chipsets today, not to
mention incompatible with non- scheduled access.

Check out EDCF. It's not changing any fundamental part other than the
radios behavior during CCA backoff, and any client can benefit from it.
Also, I explain how it works briefly in the lightning talk video.

Maybe I really need to start thinking about creating a proposal for a talk at NANOG for service provider issues in Wi-Fi, such as those we live every day in my (mostly) day job. Hmm.

Best regards,