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RE: Wireless Network Question

  • From: Frank Bulk
  • Date: Thu Feb 15 08:11:21 2007

If you forced your customers use 802.1X for authentication they wouldn't get
an IP address unless they were authorized.

If 802.1X is not in the mix, another solution is to give them a very short
lease (say 2 minutes) until they've completed web-based authentication, and
then give them the one-hour lease.  Any portal-based product for wireless
hotspots can help you out here.


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From: Frank Bulk 
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 5:40 PM
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Subject: Wireless Network Question

Hello-  I'm looking for anyone that can send me some suggestions based on
experience with a wireless network.

My problem:
It is possible with our current wireless network that a situation could
arise where the IP address pool for a specific service location could be
exhausted due to Windows clients acquiring an IP address without being
authenticated. Thus, if we have a large event taking place in-market, the IP
addresses would be assigned and reassigned out (on a one-hour lease) to each
Windows client connected to the network, possibly quickly exhausting a small
IP address pool if enough clients were simultaneously up and connected. 

Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to avoid this from happening
(aside from over assigning and wasting IP addresses or ignoring the

Thank you for your time
MArla Azinger
Frontier Communications