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Re: Solaris telnet vuln solutions digest and network risks

  • Date: Wed Feb 14 10:03:39 2007

I agree with Gadi. Everything which affects Internet stability (e.g. DNS
denial-of-service attacks) deserves attention of network operators. IMHO
it's time to think about a new NANOG AUP.

If, as Gadi says, "not all of us can handle all that an ISP would
care", all of us (network operators, sysadmins, CISSPs ;-)) MUST work
together (with the best of everyone's experience and knowledge)  to
bring a cleaner, safer, faster Internet for everyone.

Marlon Borba, CISSP

>>> Gadi Evron <[email protected]> 14/2/2007 10:09:30 >>>


We may not care about phishing or this or that virus here, but we do
things we need to *deal with on our networks*. By we I obviously can't
mean all of us, but not all of us can handle all that an ISP would
about from a network standpoint. Some only care about BGP, others only
about DNS. Yet more others only about security. What we have here is a
clash of cultures with changing times.