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RE: Solaris telnet vuln solutions digest and network risks

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Wed Feb 14 05:11:40 2007

> Subject: Re: Solaris telnet vuln solutions digest and network risks

> This post appears to have been written for another mailing 
> list (where it is 
> probably on-topic). Why did you repost it to NANOG-L?

Do you know of any network operators who have no Solaris boxes at all
used in the management of some part of their network? Seems to me that
it is very common for network operators to use Solaris boxes to manage
their networks. And while they may have ACLs to prevent access from the
outside world, this probably does not prevent employee access. So it is
a big deal when there is an exploit that allows anyone to break into
these management devices.

Also, there is a subset of network operators whose business is hosting
servers and these companies often use Solaris servers at least partly.
Again, seems relevant to me.

By the way, your posting seems to have been written for purposes which
are not on-topic on this list. Why did you post it to NANOG-L?

--Michael Dillon