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Re: Every incident is an opportunity

  • From: Edward Lewis
  • Date: Tue Feb 13 08:09:30 2007

At 5:12 +0000 2/13/07, Paul Vixie wrote:
[email protected] (Barry Shein) writes:

 ... If your goal is invasion then value preservation is important
 (factories, bridges, civilian infrastructure, etc.) ...

so if the last remaining superpower were to bomb a country in the middle east in preparation for invasion, regime change, etc., that superpower would be well advised to avoid hitting civilian infrastructure, assuming that its bombs were smart enough to target like that?

(i'm sorry, but your theory doesn't sound plausible given recent events.)

What theory is plausible? DNSSEC even sounded good on the drawing board. ;)

I think that war strategists have always only wanted to attack the other side's war machine and political machine. (Said sarcastically:) A bullet in a civilian is a waste of metal after all. The problem is that theory and operations don't mesh well.

A bomb that killed only warriors and their infrastructure and left schools and children safe is as likely to exist as an electronic messaging protocol that prevented spam but let good email through. (How's that at trying to come back to being on topic?)

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