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Re: Every incident is an opportunity

  • From: Steven M. Bellovin
  • Date: Mon Feb 12 17:57:32 2007

On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 17:12:56 -0500
Barry Shein <[email protected]> wrote:

> Of course, but the point was the goal of that targetting. The US
> public by and large believed, and seems to still believe (i.e., the TV
> show Jericho) that the goal of a USSR attack was purely vindictive,
> complete annhilation. Apparently Civil Defense leaned more towards
> invasion as a goal.
> No doubt as weapons systems evolve how you achieve one goal or the
> other evolves.
> Either goal leads to different targeting strategies, as possible. If
> your goal is invasion then value preservation is important (factories,
> bridges, civilian infrastructure, etc.) If anniliation is the goal
> than it's of no importance, just bomb the densest population centers.

Some of the time, that was the goal...  It's not that anyone wanted
that; however, it was (a) achievable, and (b) it was part of the MAD --
mutual assured destruction -- deterrent strategy.  One could argue that
that part, at least, worked, though I would assert that that was at
least partially by accident.

		--Steve Bellovin,