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Request for topic death on Cold War history (was "RE: Every incident is an opportunity")

  • From: Olsen, Jason
  • Date: Mon Feb 12 17:42:29 2007

> Of course, but the point was the goal of that targetting. The 
> US public by and large believed, and seems to still believe 
> If anniliation is the goal than it's of no importance, just 
> bomb the densest population centers.

To borrow from snarky comments past:

Unless Vendor C has introduced a "no nuclear-apocalpyse" command that I
need to enable in IOS, it seems that this thread has wandered far from
the flock and subsequently lost most any relevance to the listserv
and/or topic that spawned it.  Cold War strategy is fascinating and all
(I do mean that in a non-snarky way) but does it really belong on NANOG
after it has seemingly dropped any pretense of being an analogy for
anything list-relevant?

Sr Network Engineer
DeVry University