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Question about SLAs

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Thu Feb 08 18:03:14 2007

Other than "give them the bum's rush!" what do you do when a vendor is
a PITA about SLAs for outages? Obviously there's not enough on the
table to get lawyers involved, but it's aggravating when first they
act like they lost your SLA request, then claim their logs don't match
your logs in some significant way, then try to avoid returning calls
to find out what got decided about disputes I guess hoping you'll give
up, etc.

It's lousy "game theory" if the vendor just wants to insist their logs
are very different than the customer's (highly detailed logs), for
example, short of bolting, which there might be other reasons to not
want to do except as a last resort, like the cost would be a lot more
than the SLAs in question. But where's the leverage?

I hope this is operational enough for this list, if not feel free
point me somewhere else.

        -Barry Shein

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