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Re: Hackers hit key Internet traffic computers

  • From: virendra rode //
  • Date: Wed Feb 07 15:27:30 2007

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Douglas Otis wrote:
> On Feb 7, 2007, at 6:27 AM, Jeff Kell wrote:
>> Alexander Harrowell wrote:
>>> It was clear from the highly reliable index I call the "Nanogdex"
>>> that nothing was seriously amiss.
>> Yes, but it got so much bloody press that ambitious copycats can't be
>> too far behind.
> When 2 of 13 root systems are affected (>90% loss), how many systems
> will withstand such an attack when targeted lower within the hierarchy? 
> FWIW, the attack rates did not seem that high.
> -Doug
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On the same note and this just an observation, I hear two thoughts, some
talk not using anycast and then there are others who stand their ground
about anycast deployment.

Looking at these attacks, F in particular, if my memory serves me
correct, there are 35 f-root anycast nodes deployed. Maybe this helped
in some respect.

Then again, I like to see what kind of analysis comes out from the
collected data.


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