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comcast spam policies

  • From: doug
  • Date: Wed Feb 07 15:11:33 2007

I will not ask if anyone at Comcast has a clue, because I do not need any dvds.
If this not correct, I would appreciate hearing from anyone whose clue-ness
exceeds 15%. The rest is a description/rant about comcast's policy as described
to me by a couple of tech people reached by following voice mail from
1-800-comcast which really should be 1-800-328-7448.

The current comcast policy  seems to be to backhole mail servers at random.
Safeport's internal mail server which is the source of no spam (cause only we
guys can use it) was blackholed either at random, or because we sent one email
to a comcast customer.

As if that is not bad enough only comcast customers can complain. The link
given on the bounce email:

A pattern can apparently be discerned from a single email. The comcast guys at
better at pattern recognition than most of us. Unlike AOL there is no person
that can be mailed or contacted. Neither the link on the above page or
[email protected] will respond except to (they claim)
complains from individual customers.

I guess the message is you better use gmail if you are a comcast customer.

I really don't mean this to start an endless thread. On the off chance that
there is someone who can and will explain the logic behind this policy and or
perhaps do something about it, that would be useful.  Otherwise there is not
much point in berating idiots.

Douglas Denault
[email protected]
Voice: 301-469-8766
  Fax: 301-469-0601